I’m gonna find them all.

The BB7 wonders of the ancient times.

I’m gonna log them all.

They’re now in ruins but they cannot hide.

So If you give me the coordinates,

I will go write my name.

Travel all around the world,

‘cause caching is my game.

And I will tell you where our treasure is, better focus now.


The northern hemisphere

Fifty-one degrees is so easy to tell

And then the minutes part

Zero nine lives of a cat as well

And now you’d better check what I will say:

You ‘re gonna need some math

At four hundred but minus five

see That is where it‘s at

And the feeling coming from my bones says: “Easy enough”


East of the Greenwich line

A number of degrees that will rhyme with glee

A dozen minutes come

Then the last digits, they will let you score

I will tell you, I will tell you, I will tell you

So that you all can flee

all the numbers gonna bleed from me

And I will think no more

Two sixty five the final part, that’s all you should know


(Original lyrics by Jack White, GC adaptation by Peter Vandaele)

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