Bugsy Travels & The Ammoboxes is a Geocaching cover band from Belgium and was founded in 2016: Peter van Daele aka Basoppad, a geocacher from De Pinte and bass-player, wanted to find other geocaching musicians to start a "one-time-only" band to play a geocaching themed concert at the annual GGS event. After asking around in Belgian Geocaching FB groups, he quickly found a drummer: Hans Dejonghe aka team Lejeune. A bit later Jan Muylle, nickname jookers, signed up to be the guitar player and do the vocals. We had a 100 % geocachers band !

We had the idea to do covers of wellknown songs of which the title could refer to the geocaching game, if necessary we would tweak the title a bit. First songs that came to mind were “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” by U2 or “Mr Cachedriver” by Lenny Kravitz. After the first rehearsal we decided to go all the way and alter not only each title but also all lyrics to fit the geocaching theme. The gig itself was well received by the attending geocachers and due to the many positive reactions we decided to continue with this "one time only" band.

And so Bugsy Travels performed at BB7 and GG6 the next year. In 2018 we played shows at BB8 and the IFF event. The setlist got renewed and the gigs were appreciated by both Belgian and foreign cachers. Also in 2018 Basoppad had to make a tough decision: he played in several bands and lacked time to keep Bugsy going too. So the IFF show was his final show with the band. We found musical enforcement in two Muggles (GC Blasphemy, we know ! Please, forgive us!) : Yasmine corveleyn replaced Peter on the bass and Nico Vandamme backed up the guitar work as the rythm guitarist.

In 2019 we had our first international show when GCFEU 2019 asked us to come and play at their event in Manchester, UK alongside Steve Weeks off The Travel Bugs (USA). We were asked to be the live band of Steve thus we transformed to the "Travel Bugs Xl" for a day. So we were happy to have scored a double gig in the UK. The intense preparation of this special show with Steve was so pleasant and fulfilling to both parties, we decided to continue working together on geocaching music and possible shows in the future.

We are pleased to announce several new concerts are being planned at the moment, check our "Shows”.

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